3. More Questions

Keekway ? narrative1.mp3
What is this?

Kawiichihin ? narrative1.mp3
Can you help me?

Keekway ? narrative1.mp3
What are you doing?

uma eeushikateek? narrative1.mp3
How is this made?

Kel uma? narrative1.mp3
What colour is this?

Taanshi uma? narrative1.mp3
How do you use this?

chii? narrative1.mp3
Did you sleep well?

Taanshi mataen? narrative1.mp3
Good morning.

! narrative1.mp3
Get up!

wiikiyen? narrative1.mp3
Where do you live?

keekway pur ta famiy. narrative1.mp3
Tell me about your family.

chiin kitayaawaawak? narrative1.mp3
Do you have children?

Wii, deu lii zanfan . narrative1.mp3
Yes, I have two children.

Keekway yeer? narrative1.mp3
What did you do yesterday?

La mes yeer. narrative1.mp3
I went to church yesterday.

ligliiz gii-ituhtaan pi la mes gii-ituhtaan . narrative1.mp3
I went to church and I went to mass.

Keekway ushitayen ? narrative1.mp3
What will you do tomorrow?

Saskatchewan neutuhtawn. narrative1.mp3
I am going to Saskatchewan tomorrow.

Enn istwer ? narrative1.mp3
Can you tell a story?

Tawnshi ? narrative1.mp3
How is the weather?

Tawnshi ? narrative1.mp3
How is the weather?